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Our Investigative Approach

The Vidocq Group associates are masters of intelligence-led investigations. This type of investigation relies on continuous intelligence gathering and analysis to guide planning and coordination of investigations, whether at the strategic, operational or tactical levels.

Investigators who use this investigative model continually evaluate the potential use of the entire spectrum of investigative tools available in order to fully understand the target's specific operating environment as well as all those operating within it. They also attempt to predict the behaviours and discover the weaknesses of their targets. Investigators applying these principles will not discount certain types of information simply on the grounds that it is not traditionally collected with respect to the specific type of investigation they are carrying out. They must remain open minded to different types of data collection and analysis in order to maximize their efficiency and optimize investigative outcomes. As such, a fraud investigation may include tactics such as undercover operations or the gathering of personal and social information in the furtherance of investigative goals.

Ultimately, a continuous gathering and analysis of information allows for surgically accurate investigative actions and greater efficiency, thereby reducing costs and time.

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