About Us

About Us

The Vidocq Group is an innovative investigation company specialized in intelligence gathering and management of important and sensitive investigations. The company was formed by Jonathan Légaré, an expert in Intelligence and investigative project management, as a response to a growing market demand. The company’s mission is to advance the performance of its clients by enabling clear decision making in critical situations, as well as anticipating and serving their needs for information with commitment, expertise, professionalism and accountability.

The Charbonneau Commission, major financial frauds, infiltration by organized crime into the legitimate economy, international business corruption scandals... Corporate and government decision makers and major investors need more than ever a lighthouse to guide their safe passage through such storms - Jonathan Légaré, managing partner

Since its inception, the Vidocq Group has had the Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry as well as the Bureau de l'inspecteur général de la Ville de Montréal as clients, to name but a few. Through these contracts, , the Vidocq Group clearly demonstrated the quality and value of its services in relation to intelligence and specialized investigations focused on organized and financial crime.

The Vidocq Group provides an array of exclusive intelligence and investigative services to law firms, medium and large corporations, major investors, crown corporations, regulators and financial institutions.

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