The Vidocq Advantage

Our unique Team

Our team, composed of talented individuals selected from prestigious investigation and intelligence agencies, possessing impressive academic credentials (criminology, law, political science, administration, accounting) and certifications (CFE, CAMS, PCI, CFCS), is our strength and pride.

We are confident that you will not find such a unique blend of talent, experience and training within any other investigative agency, law or accounting firm. We are truly unique in that we can effectively navigate and bridge the waters between the traditional, largely blue collar, private detective realm and the white collar accounting and law firm environments. Furthermore, we are able to understand and employ best practices from both worlds, providing a unique advantage to our clients.


Logo Athéna

Athena was the ancient Greek goddess of war, military strategy and wisdom. She was also identified with the protection of heroes, as well as simple craftsman and their goods.

The Vidocq Group's proprietary database, uploaded and updated daily with data in relation to crime and reputation, is know as Athena. Athena principally contains information from the public domain that is otherwise not easily accessible. For example, the database contains information from unsealed judicial orders, subject photographs, evidence summaries, court charges and motions, affidavits, and reference material concerning financial and organized crime.

This database allows for greater efficiency and precision when seeking information. allowing our investigators and analysts to quickly corroborate information, to form links and to deduct investigation theories. The Athena database is complementary to the multitude of other public and restricted databases to which the Vidocq Group has access.

Athena gives Vidocq Group an advantage in information acquisition and management, which we place in your service!

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Vidocq Group's success lies in its ability to demonstrate the many benefits of outsourcing both the collection and analysis of information and the management of major and sensitive investigations. Such activities are non-core operations in most companies, but tend to utilize an increasing proportion of resources within them. The main advantages of outsourcing these activities to the Vidocq Group are:

Enabling focus on core activities

The gathering and analysis of intelligence and investigative project management operations of a company can consume numerous human and financial resources at the expense of the important core activities that have made a business successful. Outsourcing allows refocusing on business activities that are central to the business without sacrificing the quality of service in intelligence and investigations.

Operational Control

Operations whose costs are running out of control should be considered for outsourcing. As examples, financial institution compliance, risk mitigation and investigation activities have seen their budgets increasing significantly since the early 2000's. Outsourcing can bring more efficient and effective management skills of such operations to your company than might otherwise be available.

Continuity & Risk Management

Periods of high employee turnover add uncertainty and inconsistency to operations. Outsourcing both provides a level of continuity, while reducing the risk that a substandard level of operation may bring to the company.

Costs and efficiency savings

The gathering and analysis of Intelligence and investigative project management are highly specialized and complex activities. Few large organizations can effectively perform such activities in a consistent manner and at reasonable cost.

Reduced Overhead

The overhead of running an in-house intelligence collection and analysis group can be relatively high. Outsourcing will eliminate the overhead of those non-core operations that can be easily transitioned to the Vidocq Group.

Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to augment resources when you need them and to release them when you're finished.

Specialty, cost structure and independence

Unlike many of the large accounting, law or investigative firms, the Vidocq Group, with its lean and independent structure, can provide you with a highly personalized service that is free from any potential conflicts of interest. We chose not to become involved in activities that are not directly related to our core competencies in investigation and intelligence. We prefer to invest our energy in what we do best. Furthermore, our team members are stringently selected based upon their unusual ability to gather, evaluate, organize and analyze information.

Our lean operating structure allows us to offer services to clients based upon their true needs as opposed to their perceived ability to pay or a corporate pressure to complete a sale.

Considering that the Vidocq Group is not associated with any law, accounting or integrated multinational firm, we maintain a complete level of independence, real or perceived. This independence is the new desired standard with respect to measures designed to combat unethical behavior.

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