Cyber Investigation

There exists considerable confusion in relation to cyber crimes and crimes committed with a cyber component. Cyber crimes generally involve the targeting of computer systems, typically those connected to a network. Computer hacking through viruses or trojans are probably the most well known of such crimes. Many suppliers offer excellent computer security services that protect the integrity of your systems against such threats.

At Vidocq Group, we offer our expertise in the detection and prevention of traditional crimes, especially frauds, which involve a cyber component. These frauds often involve an extortion component and are committed by organized groups benefiting from the latest technologies.

The Vidocq Group sees frauds committed with a cyber component as simply a continuing evolution from frauds committed by letter, then fax, and now performed through email or system intrusion. The Vidocq Group continually stays abreast of evolving technology that is now prevalent in multiple financial crimes from market manipulation to credit card fraud. Our investigators and analysts have the tools and knowledge to effectively navigate through this realm of virtual data and communication.

Our cyber information gathering may include areas such as:

  • Social media
  • Reputation databases around the world
  • IP and domain name data
  • Website history
  • News archives

Vidocq Group's initiatives towards continuous improvement and towards offering the best services possible to clients involves employing all cyber and technological investigation methods that are available and appropriate to the situation.

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