Complex Litigation Cases & Disputes

Corruption, collusion and fraud are risks that organizations face that significantly destabilize their activities and lower their profits. As soon as a situation is suspected or appears, the Vidocq Group team is ready to spring into action in order to uncover the truth, mitigate the negative impacts and potentially recover lost funds. Our investigators and analysts are experts in exposing those who attempt to remain in the shadows of subterfuge and dishonesty.

Prior to joining the Vidocq Group, our team members have made noteworthy accomplishments within police and regulatory organizations in the investigation of organized crime, economic crime and international crime. They know how to plan and optimally coordinate projects involving diverse investigative resources and techniques such as:

  • Observation :
    • Physical surveillance
    • Electronic surveillance
  • Investigation :
    • Cyber investigation
    • Informants
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Document and data analysis
    • Suspect and witness interviewing
  • Instigation :
    • Sting operations
    • Infiltration
    • In addition, our team possesses noteworthy suspect and witness interviewing skills, acquired from years of police and investigative experience and adapted to meet specific needs, such as within the financial crime environment. We differ from traditional private investigation or detective agencies in our ability to comfortably speak the language and relate to a large variety of persons, not just hardened criminals, but also diplomats, public servants, high level professionals and business owners.

      Our investigation services cover the following types of situations:

      • Corruption
      • Financial crimes
      • Stock market manipulation and insider trading
      • Money laundering
      • Asset searching
      • CFPOA, US FCPA and UK Bribery Act violations
      • Anticompetitive practices
      • Class action law suits
      • Mortgage fraud
      • Ethic and professional standard violations
      • Copyright violations
        • The more complex your situation, the more you will appreciate the Vidocq advantage. Our team members excel in the investigation of financial crime committed by organized groups or through complex processes. Such complex challenges allow us to display the industry-unique talents of our analysts, investigators and project managers.

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