Frequently Asked Questions


In what circumstances can the Vidocq Group’s intelligence service be helpful?

What types of intelligence are collected and analyzed by the Vidocq Group?

In what circumstances can the Vidocq Group’s investigative project management service be helpful?

The Vidocq Group's investigative project management services of can be used when:

In relation to which types of crimes, violations or risks to reputation can the investigative services of the Vidocq Group be helpful?

What investigative tools do Vidocq Group project managers use in order to meet the expectations of their clients?

Members of the Vidocq Group's investigation team have the reputations, knowledge and skills to legally and ethically use all tools at their disposal to carry out the mandates entrusted to them. The Vidocq Group is composed of creative people who know how to adapt their methods of investigation to their clients’ needs, resources and environment. Its project managers can evaluate, depending on the circumstances, the many potential investigative options permitted by law. Those investigative tools used include:

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