Activities, Specialties and Tools

Our Activities

  • Planing, coordinating and conducting investigations
  • Planing the collection and analysis of intelligence
  • Conducting interrogations and interviews
  • Intelligence reporting
  • Due diligence investigating
  • Consulting in relation to investigative management
  • Consulting in relation to mitigating fraud and reputation risk

Our Specialities

  • Financial crime (fraud, corruption, collusion, market manipulation)
  • Asset discovery and recovery
  • Organized crime infiltration into the legitimate economy
  • Risk mitigation in relation to financial crime and reputation
  • Intelligence related to law suits, competition, association, mergers, acquisitions, insurance and bonding
  • Grounds for Anton Piller and Norwich orders and for Merava injunctions

Our Tools

  • Observation:
    • Physical monitoring (Surveillance)
    • Electronic Monitoring (Hidden cameras, microphones and data interception)
  • Investigation:
    • Cyber investigation
    • Use of informants
    • Forensic accounting
    • Analysis of data, documents and other evidence
    • Interviews, interrogation and polygraph tests
  • Instigation:
    • Sting operations
    • Infiltration
Our Tools Our Specialties Our Activities