In an inextricably interconnected world, the value of intelligence resides in an organization’s ability to anticipate crisis and to have an extensive decision-making and action-taking autonomy. Organizations are exposed to a number of risks. These not only include risks in the countries or regions in which they have a physical presence, but also from the regions in which their suppliers and their suppliers’ suppliers operate.

The Vidocq Group advances the performance of its clients by enabling clear decision making in critical situations, as well as anticipating and serving their needs for information with commitment, expertise, professionalism and accountability. Information collected by the Vidocq Group is essential to providing an accurate and complete portrait of a situation, an individual or a business.

Nowadays, organizations are faced with a number of risks which may result in irreversible damage to specific operations or, in a worst case scenario, to the entire organization.

The objective of the Vidocq Group’s intelligence service is to enable decisions to be made in an environment in which decision makers have the necessary information to adequately assess risks as well as opportunities.

Intelligence, analysis, information
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