Consulting Services and Training

Many professionals, who have limited investigation experience or knowledge, are asked by their superiors to put in place an investigative or intelligence service. The Vidocq Group is ready to assist you. Upon request, the Vidocq Group will guide and support directors, executive boards, existing investigative or accounting teams and law firms with the efficient organization and execution of their investigation. Vidocq Group consultants will draw upon their significant experience and skills in order to ensure and adequately plan their investigation, using all available investigative tools. Our consulting services can also guide you or your intelligence team through the evolution of your new investigation. We will ensure that you are not vulnerable to the far too common errors with respect to such endeavours.

In order to assist others in raising their investigation or intelligence gathering competencies, the Vidocq Group also delivers training sessions to public and private agencies, companies and departments who have investigation or intelligence responsibilities.

Our courses can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization and cover the following themes:

  • Maximal utilization of the investigator's toolbox
  • Intelligence-led investigation
  • Financial crime trends: The Québec Perspective
  • Bankruptcy fraud: Identifying suspicious creditors
  • Investigative project management; Best practices on common pitfalls in investigative project management
  • Money laundering investigation and nominee exposure
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