Due Diligence

The Vidocq Group is aware that one cannot operate in a world without risk.

Businesses must make decisions and advance, despite the acknowledgement of certain inherent risks.

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Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering

With its advanced intelligence gathering and analysis, the Vidocq Group's experts go beyond typical conformity operations intended to reduce financial and reputation risk, thus protecting clients from money laundering or becoming financial crime victims.

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Cyber Investigation

At the Vidocq Group, we offer our expertise in the detection and prevention of traditional crimes, especially frauds, which involve a cyber component. These frauds often involve an extortion component and are committed by organized groups benefiting from the latest technologies.

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Complex Litigation Cases & Disputes

As soon as a situation is suspected or appears, the Vidocq Group team is ready to spring into action in order to uncover the truth, mitigate the negative impacts and potentially recover lost funds.

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Consulting Services and Training

The Vidocq Group is ready to assist you. Upon request, the Vidocq Group will guide and support directors, executive boards, existing investigative or accounting teams and law firms with the efficient organization and execution of their investigation.

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