Due Diligence

The Vidocq Group is aware that one cannot operate in a world without risk. Businesses must make decisions and advance, despite the acknowledgement of certain inherent risks. While risk cannot be entirely eliminated, the Vidocq Group's verification and integrity reconnaissance can accompany clients throughout the risk evaluation and decision making process, providing a maximum mitigation of risk.

The Vidocq Group offers enhanced due diligence services oriented towards integrity evaluation. We can go beyond the typical verification that may be performed by your accounting or legal services. Our in depth verification, based upon advanced intelligence collection and analysis, evaluates reputation and integrity risks, such as organized crime, criminal association, fraud, corruption or undesirable political association.

The Vidocq Group also offers Independent Private Sector Inspector General services. We can assume the role of surveying, detecting and reporting unethical or illegal behaviour committed within your organization or by your clients or suppliers. As observed in cities such as New York, an independent, private inspector general service can assist with improving a company’s image, obtaining permits and contracts, as well as improving access to insurance coverage and financing.

The Vidocq Group can also monitor the activities of your clients or suppliers who accept such surveillance as a contractual agreement. This continual surveillance activity in relation to reputation and illegal activity can permit early detection and reaction to evolving elements that may affect risk assessment in terms of your business relationship with such parties.

Vidocq Group surveillance services involve monitoring for critical issues, such as anti-competitive practices, corruption, inappropriate or criminal association, money laundering, intimidation or use of violence, as well as a large variety of fraudulent activities.

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