Canadian DNA, Global Reach

We are a risk management, investigation and intelligence firm built on precision and depth

We work behind
the scenes to empower
your decision making.


We analyse and collect a myriad of data to deliver actionable intelligence.


Our investigative team has a proven track record of navigating high stake incidents to uncover the truth.

Risk Management

We support and advise your organisation to mitigate key risks.

You seek: 

Highly specialized services
Our VIDOCQ team is distinguished by an exceptional ability to find, evaluate, organize and analyze information. We focus exclusively on what we do best: investigations, intelligence and risk management.

Personalized approach
Our operational structure allows us to provide our clients with the services they really need. Our company has experienced remarkable growth, while retaining the flexibility and agility from our beginnings to better serve your needs.

Fully independent
VIDOCQ is not associated with any law firm, auditing group or integrated multinational company. That’s how we maintain our autonomy and protect ourselves from any actual or appearance of conflict of interest. We are only accountable to our clients.


Compliance Risk and Diligence Solutions

Every business has one asset that it must protect above all else, its reputation. Our due diligence and compliance solutions offer related robust and thorough protection, helping you grow your business and sleep at night.

Crisis Management
and Strategic Partnership

When businesses are faced with a crisis, panic can quickly take over. Trust VIDOCQ to provide you with the critical intelligence and information you need during such challenging times. Our significant experience, know-how, tools, and international contacts will quickly deliver the key information you need to see through the storm and work towards getting back to your business’s strong performance and growth.

Investigations and Dispute Resolution

Whether facing serious allegations, actual or potential litigation, successful decisions are undeniably based on the quality of the strategic information obtained. In this regard, VIDOCQ has developed state-of-the-art expertise that enables us to conduct large and complex investigations and intelligence gathering around the world, earning us a notable reputation in the field. Our investigators and analysts professionally and discreetly find the facts you need to guide enlightened decisions.

Cyber Incidents Response and Computer Forensics

Critical IT situations require special expertise. Our investigators and cyber specialists have the expertise, know-how, and technological tools required to perform cyber-investigations and computer forensics professionally and efficiently, all while working with the Vidocq team to ensure all investigation avenues and risk factors, whether IT-related or not, are addressed.