About us 

Why work with VIDOCQ

Multidisciplinary team

Our team includes IT and cyber intelligence specialists, former members of law enforcement agencies, experts in organized and white-collar crime, and specialists in risk management and anti-money laundering.

This unique combination of training and experience positions VIDOCQ at the crossroads of an investigative firm and a consulting firm, allowing us to apply the best practices from both worlds.

International reach

In addition to its offices in Montreal and Toronto, VIDOCQ maintains an active international presence. We can collect quality information from a multitude of jurisdictions and linguistic environments.

Quality data

To meet the ever-growing needs of our clients, we are equipped with the best data solutions anywhere in the world. In addition to watching for technological innovations in this field, we have implemented our own risk and integrity database.

Superior focus

By trusting our experts with their intelligence and investigation capabilities, our clients ensure greater continuity and better risk management in these complex and delicate operations. By outsourcing to us, our clients can better control their costs and focus on their core activities.