Compliance Risk and Diligence Solutions

VIDOCQ understands that you cannot live in a world without risks. Our clients manage risk on a daily basis. They must make decisions and move forward despite risks and threats. Our diligence and compliance solutions protect what our valued clients have built, their reputation.

Investigative Due Diligence (IDD)

VIDOCQ takes the protection of the reputation and assets of its customers very seriously. Our Investigative Due Diligence service (IDD) helps decision-makers to truly know their business partners and the people and companies they associate with. Much more than a simple background check, VIDOCQ’s IDD intelligence collection and analysis specifically targets the detection of reputational risks, money laundering, corruption and embezzlement.


To maintain regulatory compliance, our banking clients need to know their clients well. Sometimes, the standard information form completed by their clients is not enough. In an era of a risk-based approach to compliance, in-depth KYC performed by VIDOCQ can be essential.

Enhanced Executive Background Checks

Your high-level employees represent your company’s brand to shareholders, media, customers and staff. With such an important role, a more thorough verification than a traditional pre-employment background check is required. You will truly know who you are inviting onboard.

Vendor Screening 

Whether to protect their reputation or to comply with increasingly stringent bribery regulations, companies need to examine their relationships with third parties. For company executives, this can help you maintain your reputation and ensure business continuity while protecting you from lawsuits, fines and other unwanted consequences of a regulatory violation.