Investigations and Dispute Resolution

Whether facing serious allegations, actual or potential litigation, successful decisions are undeniably based on the quality of the strategic information obtained. At VIDOCQ, we know how to orchestrate the most complex investigations at the best value, all while reducing business disruption.

Internal Investigations

VIDOCQ offers its clients a quality of services equal to that offered by the best investigative organizations around the world. Prior to joining VIDOCQ, our team members made their mark in Canadian police and regulatory organizations, whether in organized crime, economic crime or extraterritorial crime investigations.

Complex and High Financial Risk Disputes

Financial and reputational consequences can be enormous. Identifying and locating evidence and critical testimony can make the difference between winning and losing a case. VIDOCQ’s experience in planning, coordinating and executing complex investigations in a modern business environment allows our clients to gain the upper hand in commercial litigation cases where significant funds are at stake. Although we are proudly Canadian, our ability to gather evidence has proven to be borderless.

Money Laundering Investigations

The world of money laundering is both well-developed and constantly evolving. Mechanisms are in place to evaluate millions of transactions quickly. An army of money laundering experts swarm within the ranks of North American banks. Behind a computer, sanction lists and media are automatically checked at high speed. But what happens when quick routine checks are not enough? Banks can face serious regulatory, financial and reputational consequences.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

In addition to the US FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and the Canadian CFPOA, new anti-corruption regulations are being implemented in many parts of the world. Exposure to corruption and regulatory violations continues to pose a major risk to companies with an international footprint. VIDOCQ’s unmatched investigative capabilities, international investigative experience, and reputation for independence and integrity make our firm the partner of choice for investigating incidents of corruption.

Asset Tracing

Working on behalf of those seeking to enforce judgments or seeking to recover funds misappropriated by corrupt leaders, VIDOCQ’s expertise has effectively identified missing, unknown or hidden assets. Globalization of business has facilitated the movement of assets; assets can be easily hidden around the world. The contacts and technological tools used by VIDOCQ make it possible to offer the best possible services within the limits of legality.

Financial Sector Investigations

VIDOCQ is the Canadian leader in banking and commercial insurance investigation. Whether it’s branch investigations or sensitive inquiries within senior management, our specialists know how to respond to this demanding clientele. The VIDOCQ team assists its clients with a variety of investigative needs including: cash imbalances, mortgage fraud, ethical violations, fraudulent claims, theft, external fraud, harassment and secret commissions.

Fraud, Embezzlement and Market Misconduct

Fraud and other misconduct represent a high financial risk for companies and organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s a threat coming from inside or an external attack, financial crime investigations require investigators familiar with this type of activity. Beyond straight-forward forensic accounting or technological solutions, the Vidocq Group team is above all composed of specialists in financial crime investigation.

Regulatory and Misconduct Investigations

Employee misconduct in the workplace can be frequent and can greatly damage the reputation of businesses and organizations with its clients, shareholders and the public. Whether harassment, breach of loyalty, or other professional and ethical misconduct, the Vidocq Group has demonstrated its ability to quickly obtain the facts and minimize workplace impacts.