Industries We Serve 

Banking & Capital Markets

Our banking industry knowledge and experience investigating white-collar crime, money laundering and reputational risk management allows our clients to focus on their core businesses, while we assure the preservation of transaction and data integrity.

Institutional Investors and Private Equity Funds

A Canadian leader in integrity intelligence with pre-merger and acquisition cases, we support our investor clients throughout the process, allowing them to protect their reputations and obtain better knowledge about the third parties with whom they do business.

Medium and Large Businesses

Whether it’s an internal or external threat, or an event that threatens your company’s reputation or requires clarification, our services to medium and large companies are based on our extreme discretion and our ability to limit the disruptive nature of workplace interventions.

Commercial Insurance

We offer complete services for commercial insurers so they can know a client better, to deeply understand all the facts behind a major claim, or to validate the integrity of a commercial insurance policyholder.

Art and Luxury Goods Markets

Considering the recent evolution of regulations, the increased surveillance of the art and luxury goods markets, and these sectors’ inherent risks, we provide solutions that identify and mitigate risks before any transaction occurs that involves a valuable artwork – whether traditional or digital – or we investigate if things go wrong.

Law Firms

Legal service firms call on us to support their lawyers with pre-merger and acquisition intelligence, or during internal investigations, to offer sound advice in complex cases.