Industries We Serve 

Banking and Capital Markets

Our industry experience in economic crime, money laundering and reputation risk management allows our banking clients to focus on their core business activities.

Institutional Investors and Private Equity Funds

A Canadian leader in pre-merger and acquisition integrity intelligence, our services enable our investor clients to better manage their reputation and to truly know the third parties with whom they do business.

Medium and Large Businesses

Whether it is an internal or external threat, or an event that could endanger the reputation of your company and that requires clarification, our services to medium and large companies are based on our significant expertise, great discretion and ability to limit the disruptive nature of our workplace interventions.

Commercial Insurance

VIDOCQ offers a full range of services for the commercial insurance sector, whether it’s getting to know your client better, getting the facts behind a major claim, or monitoring the integrity of a commercial insurer.

Publicly Traded Companies

One of the few firms in the industry with investigation experience in the securities and publicly traded company sector, VIDOCQ possesses the tact necessary in such circumstances and effectively manages the various stakeholders and secondary risks typically involved in these investigations.

Law Firms

VIDOCQ specialists partner with law firms to assist lawyers with pre-merger and acquisition intelligence and internal investigations, as well as support them in complex litigation.

High-Risk Industries
Pharmaceuticals, gaming, alcohol, tobacco and entertainment are some of the industries that typically need to invest significantly in shielding their reputations and assets. Our specialists employ their considerable experience in intelligence and investigation to better protect this demanding clientele.
Engineering and Construction

Complex and continually evolving, the engineering and construction sector remains an environment with significant reputation and compliance risks. Our range of services to these industries allows them to better manage integrity crises and to continuously protect their reputation.