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Éric Vecchio

Senior Director

Éric Vecchio has solid experience and reputation in the fields of organized crime investigation, intelligence, human source management and internal investigations. Since his arrival at VIDOCQ, Éric has participated in many complex investigations and has provided financial institutions key advice on managing high-risk clients and anti-money laundering. He also oversees the gathering and dissemination of intelligence at VIDOCQ. Éric also regularly contributes to the production of thorough and complex due-diligence reports. In addition, Éric is regularly consulted by VIDOCQ’s clientele and its in-house teams for his expertise in infiltration of organized crime into the legal economy and collusion and corruption, particularly in the construction industry. 

Before joining VIDOCQ, Éric served with the Montreal Police Service for over three decades. During his career with the police service, he led and participated in numerous multi-agency, and often high-profile, investigations into Italian organized crime, outlaw motorcycle gangs and street gangs. His firm beliefs in intelligence-based investigations and in the effective recruitment and management of human sources has been at the heart of the success he has had throughout his career. Éric is frequently recognized as an organized crime, municipal corruption and human source management expert witness. During his years in law enforcement, Éric was assigned to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he held the position of Canadian National Coordinator of Traditional Organized Crime Intelligence in Ottawa as well as the Escouade Régionale Mixte de la Sureté du Québec where he actively participated in the investigation that resulted in Operation Sharqc. 

His expertise has also been solicited and consequently shared with the general population, as seen through his frequent and significant testimony before the Charbonneau Commission, a public investigation commission into corruption and organized crime infiltration in the construction industry. 

Éric was also responsible for the intelligence unit at the Montreal International Airport. During this time, he worked with numerous domestic and international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, addressing the multitude of risks associated with commercial aviation terrorism and cross-border crime. 

After his career as a police officer and before joining VIDOCQ, Éric worked at the Royal Bank of Canada as a director of corporate investigations, covering the East of Ontario and Quebec. Through this work, he perfected his knowledge of internal investigations, financial crime, internal threats and risks specific to financial institutions and critical infrastructures. 

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