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Marguerite Fournier


Since joining VIDOCQ in 2020 as an intelligence analyst, Marguerite has been involved in numerous domestic and international investigative files, primarily related to due diligence investigations and risk management through open-source intelligence (OSINT). She has developed experience in complex organized crime relationships, as well as collecting and analyzing intelligence to assist in guiding a major internal investigation. Marguerite also assisted with the development of a tailored international commercial lending due diligence process for an important VIDOCQ client.

She was also embedded for a year with one of our major banking clients to help manage their high-risk client risk assessments and to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, gaining considerable experience in this area. Additionally, she worked with a Canadian branch of a Western-European investment bank to strengthen their regulatory procedures.

Marguerite currently manages a team of intelligence analysts and coordinates due diligence for some of VIDOCQ’s largest clients. In this role, she manages the collection and analysis of key risk-based information from sources around the world, while working under tight deadlines.

Having spent her youth in three diverse countries where she consequently acquired all three languages, Marguerite gained a significant global cultural, economic, and political understanding, allowing her to better guide VIDOCQ’s clients with their international risk assessments.

With a B.A. & Sc. in Cognitive Science from McGill University, she also holds a certification in Organized Crime Prevention from Queens University. She is also currently a volunteer consultant for McGill University’s Law faculty’s legal clinic, Innocence McGill.

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