Compliance Risk and Diligence Solutions

VIDOCQ understands that you cannot live in a world without risks. Our clients manage risk on a daily basis. They must make decisions and move forward despite risks and threats. Our diligence and compliance solutions protect what our valued clients have built, their reputation.

Investigations and Dispute Resolution

Whether facing serious allegations, actual or potential litigation, successful decisions are undeniably based on the quality of the strategic information obtained. At VIDOCQ, we know how to orchestrate the most complex investigations at the best value, all while reducing business disruption.

Crisis Management and Strategic Partnership

At VIDOCQ, we see ourselves as a key partner of corporate executives and directors. We accompany them step by step in crisis situations; When the information needed to make an important decision is missing; When an internal or external threat jeopardizes the reputation of their organization; When their business is under investigation by a law enforcement or regulatory agency. We offer a variety of solutions in corporate security and reputation and integrity protection that allow our clients to focus on their core business and maximize the return on investment.

Cyber Intelligence, Incident Response and Technological Support

Critical IT situations require special expertise. Our investigators and cyber specialists have the expertise, know-how, and technological tools required to perform cyber-investigations and computer forensics professionally and efficiently, all while working with the Vidocq team to ensure all investigation avenues and risk factors, whether IT-related or not, are addressed.