Crisis Management and Strategic Partnerships

At VIDOCQ, we see ourselves as a key partner of corporate executives and directors. We accompany them step by step in crisis situations, when the information needed to make an important decision is missing, when an internal or external threat jeopardizes the reputation of their organization, or when their business is under investigation by a law enforcement or regulatory agency. We offer a variety of solutions in corporate security and reputation and integrity protection that allow our clients to focus on their core business and investments.

Fact-Findings Missions

When your organization is engulfed in a scandal and you need a clear picture of the situation as quickly as possible, VIDOCQ deploys observers and investigators in Canada or elsewhere to shed light on the situation in a professional and thorough manner.


Despite your precautions, your organization or employees may become the subject of law enforcement investigations. VIDOCQ helps you regain control when you feel the situation is getting out of hand.

Financial Crime Management (Banks and Monetary Services)

VIDOCQ specializes in strategic partnerships with financial institutions and money service companies. Whether it is by offering and embedding our investigators and analysts with our clients or by providing high-quality intelligence reports, VIDOCQ is continuously present to help fight fraud, money laundering and reputational risks.

Corporate Security Management

Whether for a corporate security manager who wants assistance with his responsibilities or an organization that does not have a dedicated corporate security person, VIDOCQ advises and serves particular needs on various corporate security management issues.

Reputational Disaster Response

A data breach, a grounded ship, an executive linked to a criminal organization… Reputational disasters that can affect your organization can take many forms. VIDOCQ will help you see clearly quickly and regain control when things get out of hand.

Investigation and Analysis Strategic Partnership

By outsourcing your investigation and intelligence analysis needs to VIDOCQ, you will let us do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best. VIDOCQ has a history of success with large-client strategic partnerships.


VIDOCQ has a dedicated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Case Analysis Unit. Whether integrated with your teams or not, VIDOCQ knows how to go beyond cosmetic compliance and alert analysis.

Intelligence and Analysis

VIDOCQ has the best analysts and technological tools in the industry. On request, we can integrate or embed qualified resources with a client for a mandate, or simply offer our external analytical capabilities to clients such as law firms that do not have such resources in-house.


VIDOCQ offers integrity monitoring services to ensure that a third party respects the law, ethics and signed agreements. When it is necessary to restore or build confidence, VIDOCQ’s name and reputation will be a pledge of objectivity and thoroughness with your stakeholders.

Independent Private-Sector Inspector General

VIDOCQ offers the nuclear weapon in integrity: the services of an Independent Private Sector Inspector General (IPSIG). VIDOCQ will be your best ally in deterring, preventing, uncovering, and reporting unethical and illegal conduct by your supplier or customer.