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Friendly Fire: Combating the Hidden Dangers Lurking Within Your Organization

In an increasingly interconnected world, organizations face a multitude of security challenges that can have far-reaching consequences for their assets, data, and reputation. One such challenge that has garnered significant attention in recent years is the threat posed by insiders.

While many perceive insider threats to be primarily cyber-related, they encompass a wide range of security risks arising from individuals within an organization, including current or former employees, contractors, and business partners. These individuals possess authorized access to sensitive information or systems and can potentially cause significant harm to an organization through various actions and activities, such as occupational fraud, data exfiltration, sabotage, unauthorized access or misuse of systems, and collusion with external threat actors.

This white paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the contemporary insider threat landscape, discussing the evolving nature of insider threats in the context of the changing working world, the limitations of traditional controls, and the need for a holistic approach to effectively manage and mitigate these risks.

By exploring the various factors that contribute to the emergence of insider threats, and outlining best practices for addressing them, organizations can better protect their assets, data, and reputation, ensuring their long-term success in an increasingly complex and unpredictable landscape.


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